The powerful fuel alternative from refined lignite


With LignoPlus, LEAG offers heat-intensive industries an attractive fuel supply based on Lusatian pulverised lignite: powerful, reliable and highly economical.

LignoPlus: Our fuel solution for industrial customers

LEAG Braunkohleveredelung

LEAG is your strong partner for lignite-based fuel solutions. We are the second largest lignite extractor in Germany and part of the European EPH group.

Lignite is one of the most important energy sources in Europe. It is available long-term in large quantities and is extracted subsidy-free. LEAG operates its own lignite opencast  mines in Lusatia in the east of Germany.

LEAG converts around five per cent of the annual mining output into high-quality fuels in its refinery. During the refining process the lignite is dried by combined heat-and-power and moulded to increase calorific value and improve performance properties.  

LignoPlus is a fine-grained, industrial fuel with a high heating value. Its liquid-like character ensures an uncomplicated and clean handling. Pulverized lignite is used as a safe and low-cost alternative to heating oil, natural gas and coal in many areas of the economy. LEAG now supplies more than 250 firing plants for its business customers.


Your Plus with LignoPlus:

  • Highly economical
  • Foreseeable cost trends
  • Reliable long-term supply
  • State-of-the-art technology

Your reliable partner for fuel supply

Production site
Industriepark Schwarze Pumpe

B2B customers
approx. 200

Industry sectors

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Quantity delivered per year
1 Mio. Tonnes

Deliveries per year 
40.000 truckloads


System layout heating plant, LEAG
System layout for CHP, LEAG

Application areas


Boiler combustion system

The firing of pulverized lignite in tank-type boilers and tubular boilers has proven to be an efficient and reliable method of producing hot water, process steam and electricity in municipal and industrial heating plants and combined heat and power plants. Special combustion systems are used for firing.

Application diagrams for download:
System layout heating plant
System layout CHP plant

System layout for asphalt industry, LEAG
System layout for drying plant, LEAG
System layout for lime industry, LEAG
System layout for cement industry, LEAG


Process combustion

For many years LignoPlus has been used in industrial firing plants to produce hot gas for thermal drying processes: e.g. in the cement and lime industry and in asphalt mixing plants. The conversion of existing firing plants to pulverized lignite is uncomplicated as a rule and can be carried out without unduly long downtimes.

System layout cement industry
System layout lime industry
System layout drying plant (sand)
System layout asphalt industry

LEAG Braunkohleveredelung
Our location in the Schwarze Pumpe industrial park, photo: LEAG
LEAG Braunkohleveredelung
View over the industrial site in Schwarze Pumpe, photo: LEAG
LEAG Braunkohleveredelung
Production in the finishing plant in Schwarze Pumpe, photo: LEAG
LEAG Braunkohleveredelung
Lignite is processed into pulverised lignoplus or our briquettes, photo: LEAG
LEAG Braunkohleveredelung
Our logistics partner TSS delivers reliably, photo: LEAG
Reference plant AMA asphalt mixing plant, photo: LEAG
Asphalt plant reference, photo:LEAG
Rüdersdorf cement plant, photo: LEAG

Analysis values

Grain size:
Residue to 0,20 mm
Residue to 0,09 mm

in %
in %

Water in % 10
Ash in % 5
Sulphur in % 0,7
Calorific value in GJ/t 21

LEAG is a certified company