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As part of the LEAG Group, MCR Engineering is at home in eastern Germany. With around 300 employees and 60 years of experience in mechanical engineering and steel construction as well as in the maintenance of rail vehicles, we are one of the largest maintenance companies in Lusatia.

Mechanical engineering and steel construction

Welding, turning, machining: in our modern machinery on 26,000 m² of covered hall space, we have the right tools for every project. In addition to series production, we also realise individual solutions, for example special containers and special products such as load handling devices.


Mechanical engineering and steel construction

We design in close consultation with our clients: based on your idea, we create our customer-specific production and assembly drawings in 3D.


Mechanical engineering and steel construction

Large dimensions are our strength: we have the capacity for individual and series production of up to 100 tonnes. Our materials expertise lies in the machining and processing of general and high-strength structural steels as well as heat-treatable and case-hardened steels.


Quality management

A focused and process-oriented approach is at the core of our corporate philosophy. With an integrated management system, we use synergies and bundle resources for the success of your project.

Services Mechanical Engineering and Steel Construction

Engineering & Construction Engineering and Steel Construction

Quality Management

  • 3D construction
  • Calculation
  • Development
  • Metal/surface processing
  • Cutting
  • Machining services
  • Welding (TIG, MAG, MIG, submerged arc)
  • Post weld treatment (PITEC)
  • Metal flame spraying
  • CNC contract manufacturing turning/milling/drilling
  • Pressing
  • Welding
  • Balancing
  • Flame cutting
  • Stress relief annealing
  • 3D metrology & quality testing
  • Materials testing and analysis
  • Technical diagnostics
  • Test bench services
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Everything in the box

We specialise in the development, construction and production of special and customised containers. Our focus is on innovative solutions that meet the complex wishes and requirements of our customers.

Plant optimisation

Our machinery is geared to the diagnosis, cleaning and repair of assemblies weighing up to 100 tonnes. From project planning to on-site dismantling and return, we offer full service for projects of any dimension.

The machines

plant dimension
automatic flame cutting machine (oxy & plasma) ) bis 6.000 mm x 2.500 mm x 200 mm
CNC lathes bis L = 7.500 mm x Ø 2.480 mm; m = 25 t
CNC boring mills bis 5.000 mm x 2.000 mm x 1.500 mm; m = 12 t
CNC turn-mill centres bis L = 2.000 mm x Ø 600 mm
edging machines bis L = 4.000 mm
shaping machines bis L = 400 mm
presses bis L = 4.000 mm; 4.000 KN
welding robots 6-achsig bis 4.300 mm x 2.600 mm; m = 2 t
balancing benches bis L = 3.200 mm x Ø 1200 mm; m = 3 t
Ssress relief annealing 500 mm x 450 mm x 600 mm

Insight into the machinery

Bearing test stand for spherical roller bearing tests, Photo: LEAG
CNC boring mill, Photo: LEAG
Travelling column milling machine, Photo: LEAG
Programmed welding robot, Photo: LEAG
Machining performance - automated lathe, Photo: LEAG
Lathe DP2, Photo: LEAG
CNC turning and milling centre, Photo: LEAG
Metal cutting and surface treatment, Photo: LEAG
Turasrad on cutting robot, Photo: LEAG
Gearbox test bench performance vibration measuring device, Photo: LEAG
Underfloor wheel lathe, Photo: LEAG
Claw lifts for rail vehicles, Photo: LEAG
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MCR | Metal Print - Three-dimensional good

Spare parts and repair printing of large metal parts and assembly systems are our strength. Find out more about the high-quality full-service offer around our additive welding processes in the field of metal printing.

Industrial service and machine diagnostics

Intelligent sensor technology makes maintenance plannable. Professional condition monitoring reduces downtimes and maintenance costs.  MCR Engineering is your specialist for condition-based maintenance solutions. We develop the right diagnostic concept for your components.

Services for machine diagnosticse

  • dimensioning and design of CMS systems
  • vibration measurement
  • optical diagnosis (video endoscopy, thermovision measurement)
  • acoustic emission measurement
  • electrical machine diagnostics



  • test bench services for gearboxes, electric motors and generators
  • inspection of generators
  • on-site repairs
  • mobile 3D measurement
  • destructive and non-destructive testing (according to DIN EN ISO 9712 and EN 10160)

Insight into the maintenance centre

Dimensioning of condition monitoring systems, Photo: LEAG
Optimisation of components and assemblies, Photo: LEAG
Welding work on steelwork structures, Photo: LEAG
Reconditioning of gearboxes and generators, Photo: LEAG
Laser-optical alignment, Photo: LEAG
Scania Truck Mobile maintenance of rail vehicles, Photo: LEAG
Revision von Triebfahrzeug und Güterwagen, Foto: LEAG
Vor- und Nachbereitung Korrosionsschutz, Foto: LEAG
Scania Truck Mobile maintenance of rail vehicles, Photo: LEAG
Chassis refurbishment and modernisation, Photo: LEAG
Wind turbine service, Photo: LEAG
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Service for wind turbines (WTG)

As an independent full-service provider for maintenance, we find, repair and monitor your wind turbine over its entire life cycle. MCR Engineering is certified for materials testing and analysis as well as for the application of 3D measurement technology.

Services Wind turbine service

Diagnostics Maintenance Condition Monitoring
  • electrical testing
  • vibration measurement
  • wear determination
  • gearbox and generator reconditioning
  • rotor blade service
  • reengineering of spare parts
  • measurement data evaluation and monitoring
  • condition assessment
  • consulting, dimensioning and installation of CMS systems
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MCR Engineering Lausitz | 2021-06-21

Service for rail vehicles

At home on the rails for more than 60 years: our experience and expertise in the maintenance and repair of traction units and freight wagons will bring you closer to your goal. Whether ad hoc with our fully equipped mobile service vehicle or as part of scheduled overhauls.

Seal of quality and certificates

MCR Engineering Lausitz is certified for the maintenance and overhaul of electric locomotives, V-locomotives and special vehicles. We carry out the overhaul of freight wagons in accordance with VPI guidelines.

Highest quality is our claim. To achieve this, we work in accordance with the globally recognised ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. We are certified in accordance with:

Services Rail Vehicle Maintenance

Traction units Goods wagon Mobile maintenance Modernisation and conversion
  • maintenance of electric locomotives, V-locomotives, special vehicles
  • brake overhauls
  • wheel set machining on underfloor wheel set lathe
  • reconditioning of wheelsets
  • electrical maintenance
  • component reconditioning
  • pre- and post-processing (cleaning, blasting, corrosion protection)
  • unscheduled and timely repair (G1.0/G2.0/G3.0)*
  • revision (G4.0/G4.2/G4.3/G4.8)*
  • brake revision (BR0/BR2/BR3)* /brake inspections
  • wheelset maintenance (IS0/IL/IS1/IS2/IS3)*
  • fully automated wheelset diagnosis
  • pre- and post-processing (cleaning, blasting, corrosion protection)

    *continuous certifications
  • needs repairs and component replacement on traction units/special vehicles and freight wagons
  • brake sole replacement incl. brake testing
  • wheel profile measurement
  • maintenance and lubrication services
  • operational release
  • engineering for individual project requirements
  • modernisation of freight wagons and locomotives
  • chassis refurbishment
  • maintenance of gearboxes
  • modernisation of electrotechnical components
  • steel construction services
  • corrosion protection
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Our experience and expertise in the maintenance and repair of traction units and freight wagons will bring you closer to your goal. What can we support you with?

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