Our business fields

From a mining and power plant operator to a versatile energy, infrastructure and service company – this is our path into the future. With electricity and heat from lignite, we make a reliable and flexible contribution to energy supply along the legally defined coal exit path. At the same time, we are using our infrastructure, estate and expertise for new business areas and are keeping pace with the transformation of the energy supply industry.

Lusatian Mining District

The Lusatian mining district is the focus of our business activities. It extends over the south of Brandenburg and the north-east of Saxony. Here we operate the four opencast mines Jänschwalde, Welzow-Süd, Nochten and Reichwalde. The former Cottbus-Nord opencast mine is currently being flooded, and the Cottbuser Ostsee Lake is being created here. The active opencast mines in Lusatia supply the nearby power plants of Jänschwalde, Schwarze Pumpe and Boxberg. We also operate the Lippendorf power plant near Leipzig and are the owner of one of the two power plant units. MIBRAG supplies coal to the Lippendorf power plant in the Central German mining district.

With the German phase-out of coal-fired power generation by the end of 2038 at the latest, mining regions like Lusatia now face a transformation. Based on their traditional strengths, new ideas and investments, they will be able to develop into versatile energy regions. Energy and industrial solutions not only secure the supply of electricity and heat, but are also the starting point for new value chains. LEAG regards itself as part of this structural development.


The opencast mines of Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG produced around 43 million tonnes of lignite in 2020. It is our aim to supply the Lusatian power plants and the refining plant in Schwarze Pumpe reliably and to a high standard of quality. We limit and reduce the unavoidable impact of mining on the environment and landscape as much as possible. With timely recultivation straight after mining we see that a safe diverse postmining landscape is created.

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Power plants

The lignite-fired power plants of Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG generated around 41 billion kilowatt hours of electricity in 2020. In this way, we are making an important contribution to the security of supply in times of the energy transition. Our power plants provide reliable, demand-based power and heat around the clock. At the same time, they are able to react flexibly to the fluctuating production of renewable electricity. With billions invested in our power plant park the emissions have been considerably reduced. This continues to be our target.

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About six percent of the lignite mined in Lusatia is not used in large-scale power plants. Instead this portion is processed to solid or free-flowing fuels that can be used efficiently and in a decentralised way. The special value of the resource is being optimally enhanced – it is 'refined'. Our refining site in Schwarze Pumpe is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe.

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Battery storage

The development of large-scale electricity storage facilities is a key to converting the energy supply from conventional power plants to renewable energies. We are operating the BigBattery Lausitz, at the Schwarze Pumpe site. It is Europe's largest battery storage facility in this constellation. The megawatt plant is designed to help stabilise electricity grid operations in the event of fluctuations in generation and demand.

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LEAG Solarpark Welzow

Renewable energies

In the course of expanding our fields of activities, one of our goals is to increase the production of electricity from renewable energies. The first of LEAG's own PV parks has been put into operation at the end of 2019 on an expanse of more than 16 hectares at Welzow airfield. At our office locations we operate rooftop PV systems. We are also involved in the direct marketing of renewable electricity.

Innovative energy solutions

We have been using virtual power plants to remotely control, monitor and market plants since 2007. These energy services have also been provided by us to partners under the brand name LEAG energy cubes. The spectrum ranges from direct marketing for renewable energy plants to ancillary service pools and flexible energy solutions for industrial and commercial locations.

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Industrial services

Unusually large equipment is a core competence of LEAG's main workshop - from excavator shovels to large pumps to freight wagons. Under the brand MCR Engineering, the range of services is also open to external customers. The focus is on large equipment maintenance, mechanical engineering and structural steelwork as well as the maintenance of rail vehicles. For this purpose, there is 26,000 square metres of workshop space, 1,000 metres of covered track and 300 qualified employees.

Ressources and recycling

The aim of this business expansion is to recycle different types of waste or to use it thermally as a substitute fuel. We are planning a RDF (refuse derived fuel) plant at the Jänschwalde site together with the environmental service provider Veolia. Another project involves the establishment of a specialist waste management company for the recycling and disposal of mainly mineral waste. Here, quality-assured recycling products and building materials are to be produced.