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The energy transition is a turning point for all of us. Millions of households, industry and public life need climate-neutral options for electricity and heat supply - at any time, flexibly and competitively. We are rethinking this energy, with a clear commitment to change and a sustainable future.

In an innovative electricity factory, the GigawattFactory, we combine photovoltaic and wind energy with new types of power plants, large-scale storage facilities and green hydrogen. This makes electricity from sun and wind available around the clock, whether in summer or winter. The GigawattFactory is growing at energy sites in the Lusatian region, but also in other places in Germany. Discover what the future holds.

Renewable Energies

In the field of renewable energies, we want to launch a project pipeline together with our partners that is unique for Germany: around 7,000 MW of wind and solar energy by 2030, with the possibility of a further doubling by 2040. These wind and PV parks are to be built primarily on former mining sites, but also on third-party sites. The first 1,000 MW are planned by 2026.

Our current projects
Our plants
Battery Storage Facilities

Battery storage systems are an essential component of the energy industry of the future. They advance the energy transition by stabilising the energy supply. Germany's largest battery park is to be built in Lusatia in the coming years. We are currently preparing investments in new storage capacities at the Boxberg power plant site in Saxony. We are already operating the BigBattery Lausitz at the Schwarze Pumpe site.

BigBatteries in Lusatia
Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen produced with electricity from renewable sources is an all-round talent for climate-neutral energy, industry and mobility of the future. In cooperative projects, we are working on closed, regional value chains for green hydrogen - from green electricity and green gas production to storage and use. Our H2 mobility project in the Lusatian economic region focuses on public transport.

Hydrogen mobility in Lusatia
Hydrogen infrastructure for eastern Germany
H2-ready Power Plants

Hydrogen is indispensable for the decarbonisation of the energy sector. It stands for future power plants that balance and stabilise fluctuations in power generation from sun and wind. This paves the way for a 24/7 secure, flexible and climate-friendly energy supply. We are planning corresponding investments in the next generation of power plants with H2 readiness and pure H2 electricity generation at existing energy sites.

Our hydrogen power plant projects
Our partnerships

With the expertise of EP New Energies as a project developer and the innovative energy solutions of LEAG energy cubes, green energy is moving forward. When it comes to qualifications, we rely on the QLEE initiative and put the development of skilled workers on a promising footing with partners such as Deutsche Bahn.

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All about QLEE (only in German)

We are looking for people with know-how and passion who will work with us to make energy safe, sustainable and renewable. We offer a comprehensive package, from flexible working hours to attractive additional benefits. Come on board and help shape the GigawattFactory! LEAG, EP New Energies and LEAG energy cubes are looking forward to meeting you!

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Energy drives us, also as fuel for a growing number of vehicles with electric drives. Whether it's a company vehicle or an employee car, with E-POWERD by LEAG we want to get electric mobility going at our sites.


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