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The GigawattFactory will be the largest cluster of renewable energies in Germany. We are already working on the green future of Lusatia. Here you will find an overview.

Renewable Energies

The addition of wind and PV plants on post-mining land with an installed capacity of 1,000 MW by 2026 is the basis for a transformation of Lusatia as an energy location. Several projects are currently at an advanced stage of approval:

Our current projects
Our plants
Flexibility & Stability

Storage in new dimensions made in Lusatia: LEAG will become Germany's largest battery storage operator by 2026. The largest battery park in Germany is to be built at the Boxberg power plant site in Saxony: a Li-ion battery (137 MWh). We already operate our Big Battery Lausitz at the Schwarze Pumpe site.

BigBattery Lausitz

Hydrogen produced from renewable energies is the focus of decabonisation. Within the framework of cooperation projects, we are testing technologies for storage and sector coupling and as a CO2-free fuel. For the latter, we are testing the feasibility of a modular flexibility power plant (500 MW) for hydrogen storage and electricity generation in Saxony. The other projects are:

Hydrogen mobility in Lusatia
Hydrogen infrastructure for eastern Germany
Flexibility & Stability

Hydrogen-capable innovation power plants form the backbone of base-load generation after the coal phase-out. LEAG is planning corresponding investments at the power plant sites in Lusatia and Central Germany: approval has been submitted for two H2-Ready gas-fired power plants in Schwarze Pumpe (600 MW) and in Lippendorg (900 MW).  In J√§nschwalde we are planning an H2-Ready innovation power plant with thermal storage (900 MW).

Innovative storage power plant
Our partnerships

With the development expertise of EP New Energies and the innovative energy solutions of LEAG energy cubes, green energy is moving forward. When it comes to qualification, we rely on the QLEE initiative.

All about the LEAG energy cubes
All about the EP New Energies
All about QLEE (only in German)

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