Intelligently networked

LEAG energy cubes

Whether plant operators, energy suppliers or industry and commerce - our LEAG subsidiary energy cubes GmbH connects producers and consumers to agile energy units. We position them on the electricity markets in the best possible way and offer a wide range of services for efficient operation.

Flexible plant network with added value

LEAG energy cubes combine decentralised plants into virtual power plants. Customers and partners benefit from our many years of expertise in the energy industry. Since 2019, our team of specialist has been using this knowledge to put together smart service packages for all aspects of marketing renewable electricity and balancing energy.

LEAG energy cubes offer operators of RE plants uncomplicated setup of remote controllability and attractive marketing opportunities in subsidized and other direct marketingRedispatch 2.0 tasks and other regulatory requirements can also be taken care of on request.

Largest storage portfolio in Germany

From the provision of primary and secondary control power to optimized charging management – it pays to take a holistic view of batteries. Combining them in a virtual pool increases their marketable power, while the need for collateralization can be reduced. In the virtual power plants of the energy cubes, we can now rely on the flexibility of one of the largest battery storage portfolio in Germany. This includes the BigBattery Lausitz with 53 MWh of usable capacity.

Services for industry and commerce

Large consumers such as industrial and commercial enterprises will play an increasingly important role as players in the energy system of the future. This is because the flexible deployable power, which can be found in many processes, plant and machinery, helps to stabilize the electricity grids in form balancing power or control energy. In addition, the energy cubes offer energy-intensive companies attractive concepts of self-supply with green electricity.

Our goal: partnership-based energy solutions for producers, storage facilities and consumers. They are the central players in the economic, climate-friendly and supply-secure transformation of the energy system.

The energy system in transition

More decentralised, more complex, more volatile – the energy transition put high demands on current and future market participants. The aim is to secure supply, ensure grid stability and optimize economic efficiency under new framework conditions. In this context, the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation is growing. Today, producers and consumers from all sectors have an equal opportunity to be part of innovative energy solutions that are in demand on the market.

The basic principle of a virtual power plant is that several individual plants systematically interact on the market. Through a common central control system, the use of the plants is planned and remotely controlled online – second-by-second, demand-driven and flexible. As a virtual power plant, they can take on additional tasks in the electricity or balancing energy market that would not have been economically attractive or technically feasible for the individual plant due to its circumstances.

In view of the changes in the energy market, more and more potentials of decentralized flexibility are now being reassessed. Emergency generators, heat pumps as well as ventilation, air conditioning and chillers can make a valuable contribution to security of supply. From flexible energy services for industrial and commercial customers to the comprehensive networking of generators and consumers in smart locations, neighbourhoods and cities – the future holds a wide range of possible applications for virtual power plants. Do you have a project idea? We would be happy to work with you to find technical and economic solutions.

The energy and service packages of the energy cubes

Operation and marketing of renewable energy systems:

  • uncomplicated and free-of-charge installation of remote controllability
  • Redispatch 2.0 with complete or partial cost shifting (EIV, BTR)
  • Assumption of regulatory requirements as well as communication and billing with the grid operator
  • competent forecasting services (weather, price)
  • flexible contract design (e.g. single or dual flow model)
  • PPAs with market-based connection fees for over-20 plants
  • secondary switching options between subsidized and other direct marketing for U5 plants

Participation in the balancing energy market for energy plants, industry and commerce

  • including battery storage, combined heat and power plants, emergency power generators as well as flexible machines and processes
  • determination of marketable output and control energy type
  • integration into the LEAG control reserve pool
  • processing of the prequalification with the transmission grid operator
  • revenue-optimized marketing of flexibility on the control energy market
  • collateralization via LEAG as a pre-qualified full-service provider for balancing energy
  • contact with the transmission system operator and billing of the services
  • Securing of regulatory requirements

Battery optimisation 360°

  • integration into the battery pool of LEAG energy cubes
  • provision of primary balancing power incl. handling of the prequalification procedure, communication with the transmission system operator and fulfilment of regulatory requirements
  • entry into secondary control power
  • optimized charging management – from self-consumption optimization to taking electricity trading prices into account when charging and discharging

Energy service for industry and commercial enterprises

  • determination of flexibilities and integration into the LEAG control power pool
  • forecasting surplus feed-in from own RE plants and marketing surplus electricity
  • maximization of own power supply through intelligent control of photovoltaics and batteries
  • quality management and technical process evaluation to increase efficiency

LEAG energy cubes

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