LEAG – a future full of energy

LEAG supplies energy for millions of households, industry and public life - reliably, flexibly and competitively. In Germany, this makes us one of the top 5 electricity producers. In our core regions in the east of the country - Lusatia and the Central German mining district - we also provide district heating for municipalities and companies. Here we are one of the biggest private employers with around 7,000 employees. Together, we are building on more than three decades of experience in the energy industry - a good "age" to make a fresh start.

The energy system is undergoing its biggest transformation yet: climate-friendly, sustainable, renewable. And we are actively helping to shape it. For the German energy transition and the structural change on site in the mining areas, we are systematically expanding our generation portfolio to include renewables and forward-looking technology solutions. We have a clear goal: to remain a responsible partner for our employees and business partners, for local communities and regions and, of course, for a secure energy supply in Germany and Europe.

Our sustainability report

We are committed to a secure and sustainable energy supply in Germany and Europe. Green energy solutions are our priority for the future.

The LEAG organisation

LEAG is the joint umbrella brand of our group of companies. Lausitz Energie Verwaltungs GmbH is the majority owner of the two central operating units: Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG and Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG. Both have their own subsidiaries which support them in fulfilling their tasks, provide services and at the same time address new customers in the respective segment.

annual financial statements LEV 2022 (in German)

While coal-fired power generation will be scaled back by the end of 2038 to protect the environment and climate, we must be able to ensure a reliable supply of electricity and heat for tomorrow. That's why we have realigned our business strategy. We are driving sustainable energy solutions and operating in new business areas. 

Our business fields

Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG is responsible for lignite extraction in the four opencast mines in Lusatia and for refining the raw material in the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park. Through timely recultivation, we create a safe and sustainably usable post-mining landscape. These extensive and comparatively low-conflict areas offer enormous potential for the expansion of renewable energies in our green GigawattFactory.

Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG is responsible for operating LEAG's power plants. We operate flexible lignite-fired power plants according to the demand along the statutory phase-out path. In addition, there are our gas-fired power plants that serve to stabilise the grid and to secure a continuous energy supply if needed. At LEAG, we also build and expand storage facilities, hydrogen solutions and innovative power plant concepts. Our increasingly diverse generation fleet is managed and marketed by virtual power plants with central digital control.

LEAG's subsidiaries

On the basis of existing facilities and competencies, we develop products and services used internally by LEAG into products for our partners, thus opening up new business areas. This applies both to the energy sector and beyond. Our subsidiaries in the B2B segment include the following

  • the transport and logistics company Schwarze Pumpe mbH (TSS GmbH)
  • the planning and engineering company GMB GmbH
  • the renewable energy marketer and operator energy cubes GmbH
  • MCR Engineering Lausitz GmbH for mechanical and steel engineering, maintenance and repair of rail vehicles
  • the real estate company LandWerte Immobilien und Entwicklung GmbH & Co. KG
  • the center for secondary raw materials SERO Lausitz GmbH, which is currently under construction

Relationship to business partners

Suppliers and service providers contribute significantly to our value chain. We strive for long-term cooperations. Not only is competitiveness paramount, but there is a focus on quality, reliability and preparedness to be innovative as well.