LEAG –The Lusatian energy

We supply energy – for millions of households, industry and public life – reliable in all weather conditions, flexible and affordable. That is what our 7,700 employees work for. Due to them LEAG is the largest eastern German energy company and one of the most important private-sector employers in the region. Lignite contributes about every fifth kilowatt hour of electricity in Germany. In 2019, we extracted around 52 million tonnes of this domestic raw material in our opencast mines, producing electricity, regional district heating and high-quality fuels.

We are actively involved in safeguarding future prospects for the region – not only with the vocational training of nearly 600 young people. Around 3,300 partner companies provide us with supplies and services. Together with salary payments to our own employees, these orders are an important economic factor, especially for Lusatia. The timely recultivation of the opencast mines creates a safe and sustainable post-mining landscape. We are committed to a changing future – from a leading mining and power plant operator to an innovative and diverse energy company.

LEAG's owners

LEAG is the joint brand of Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG and Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG. Both companies are each held to 50 per cent by Energetický a Průmyslový Holding (EPH) and by the PPF Investments.

Lausitz Energie Verwaltungs GmbH is the majority owner and holding company of the two central, operative LEAG companies. It in turn belongs 100 percent to LEAG Holding, a.s. based in Prague. Lausitz Energie Verwaltungs GmbH provides selected services such as accounting and taxation for the mining and power plant sectors.

The LEAG organisation

Under the joint LEAG brand, Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG is responsible for lignite mining in the four Lusatian opencast mines and for refining the run-of-mine lignite in the industrial park Schwarze Pumpe. Under the MCR Engineering brand, the company also offers industrial services in the fields of mechanical and structural steel engineering as well as in the maintenance and repair of rail vehicles. Transport- und Speditionsgesellschaft Schwarze Pumpe mbH (TSS GmbH) and the planning and engineering services company GMB GmbH are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the mining division.

Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG is responsible for the LEAG generation fleet. This includes the Lusatian lignite-fired power plants and Block R of the Lippendorf power plant near Leipzig. Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG is also responsible for the operational management of the entire Lippendorf power plant site. Besides conventional power plant operation, innovative energy solutions are offered for storage operators, renewable energy installations, industry and commerce. These include virtual power plants with central digital control. In addition, LEAG's plant portfolio includes the BigBattery Lausitz electricity storage facility and the Welzow-Süd III solar park.

The LEAG brand and its associated companies stand for efficient and sustainable mining and power generation. For us, everything revolves around energy – even in our new business areas. We value the diversity of our employees and offer them a working environment in which they can develop their potential. The corporate principles set the framework for the implementation of our goals.

Our business fields

Relationship to business partners

Suppliers and service providers contribute significantly to our value chain. We strive for long-term cooperations. Not only is competitiveness paramount, but there is a focus on quality, reliability and preparedness to be innovative as well.