LEAG continues to expand the charging network in the region. With E-POWERED by LEAG, many things in Lusatia will be electric in the future.

More e-mobility for everyone

We are charging Lusatia: LEAG is expanding the network of charging points in the region. As a first sign of the expansion of e-mobility, company vehicles can be charged with electricity at six charging points and 20 wallboxes with a total of 32 charging points. Guests of the company as well as LEAG employees in the future will have the opportunity to charge their electrically powered vehicles. LEAG is also converting its own vehicle fleet.

Thorsten Kramer, CEO
With the availability of large quantities of green electricity, which we intend to generate on former open cast mining areas, we will take further steps in the mobility business field. Using hydrogen, green power will establish itself as an solid part of regional supply concepts. We are also examining further expansion of charging infrastructures in public spaces.
Jens Bachmann, project manager EPOWERED by LEAG
I am convinced that the growth in electric vehicles will continue to increase strongly in coming years. Forecasts see the number of registered e-vehicles growing to ten million by 2030. Accordingly, the charging infrastructure for e-vehicles must be available nationwide to enable vehicle owners to charge their vehicle batteries in public places as well. LEAG is seeing potential here for possible new business area.
Juliane Knaul, employee
LEAG's decision to expand the e-charging infrastructure for employees and the region is an important and correct signal to further promote e-mobility in terms of its efficiency and sustainability, and to allay fears of losing their range in e-mobility by some people. I think it's particularly great that with the planned expansion of renewable energies on Lusatian post-mining landscapes, the availability of green electricity will also be used to charge e-cars in the future. That's certainly a good showcase for LEAG.
As an enthusiastic e-mobilist, I am very happy to support the path LEAG has now taken and do wish the team continued success!