Seven gigawatts of renewable energies by 2030
We are working on a green future
We rely on innovative concepts
for a secure energy transition
Build the future of energy supply with us
together with perspective

Technology and innovation –
energy solutions from Lusatia

The generation landscape in Germany is set to change substantially. This also means that we must introduce the necessary technologies today so that energy will continue to be reliably available in the future. For LEAG, as a mining and power plant operator, this means a corporate transformation. We are using our expertise, facilities and infrastructure to expand and further develop our business. Our goal: to be a versatile energy, infrastructure and service company that contributes equally to security of supply in Germany and to structural change in the region.

We are taking the future into our own hands and building Germany's green powerhouse. By 2030, we will have installed seven gigawatts of renewable energies, which we will combine with an innovative power plant and storage concept: Our GigawattFactory will shape structural development in Lusatia. 

Our business fields

From a mining and power plant operator to a versatile energy, infrastructure and service company – this is our path into the future. With electricity and heat from lignite, we make a reliable and flexible contribution to energy supply along the legally defined coal exit path. At the same time, we are using our infrastructure, estate and expertise for new business areas and are keeping pace with the transformation of the energy supply industry.