The innovative storage power plant

With the innovative storage power plant, we bring together two crucial issues of the energy transition: Expansion of renewables and security of supply - concentrated and sustainable at a newly defined integrated energy and industrial site in Jänschwalde.

Transformation through technology combinations

The Jänschwalde energy and industrial site includes former open-cast mining areas, properties of the current power plant site, but also other industrial areas and potentials such as the Jänschwalde open-cast plants. An optimal location for the innovative storage power plant. Here we combine conventional with renewable technologies, storage capacities and hydrogen. This combination of technologies not only achieves a CO2 reduction of up to 100 percent. We are also bringing the electricity industry directly together with other sectors such as heating, transport and industry, whose demand for green energy and green gases is also increasing (sector coupling). The storage power plant is modularly designed for this purpose.

Central components of the project planning are a modern combined gas and steam turbine plant for the use of natural gas and, in the future, hydrogen, in combination with a thermal  storage system and hydrogen electrolysis, which are to be charged with electricity from renewable sources. This is to come in particular from LEAG's wind and photovoltaic projects on neighbouring post-mining areas. The concept will make it possible to provide secure power on an industrial scale based on CO2-neutral electricity generation at the Jänschwalde energy and industrial site. The basic requirements for project implementation include, in particular, connection to the natural gas transport infrastructure and, in the future, to a hydrogen pipeline network.

Flexible, secured residual power in combination with ...

  • Green electricity for direct supply to companies, feed-in to the electricity grid or production of green hydrogen.
  • green heat from charging the thermal storage with green electricity for operating the steam turbine and optional feed-in to district heating grids
  • green hydrogen for the stepwise fuel change of the CCGT plant, hydrogen logistics, feeding into the natural gas grid or a future hydrogen grid and supply of industry (e.g. green steel, synthetic fuels) and mobility (e.g. H2 filling stations).

The technical concept

We have initiated the approval procedure for this complex project. It could also serve as a blueprint for other power plant sites in the future. We plan to build the first modular innovative storage power plant in Germany in Jänschwalde by 2028.

Module 1
Combined cycle plant

Gross capacity: 870 MWel
Efficiency: > 63
Fuel requirement: 1,400 MWth

Module 2
Electro-thermal energy storage

Capacity: 850 MWh
Charging capacity: 100 MWel
Charging time: 8 h
Discharge capacity: 50 MWel
Discharge time: 6 h

Module 3
Electrolysis plant:

Charging capacity: 41 MWel
H2 production: 660 kg/h
H2 storage: 6 t
Charging time: 9 h
Discharge time: 1¼ - 2 h

Technology combinations such as the innovative storage power plant describe the path to an up to 100 percent renewable and climate-neutral supply that is secured around the clock. The innovative storage power plant is an important signal for our region to develop sustainable and future-proof energy and industrial locations here.