Regional commitment at our sites

Whether actively involved or just interested in sports, whether young or old, with our sponsorships and cooperation activities we participate in the social life at our sites in Lusatia and Lippendorf. Diversity, fair play and tolerance are at the top of the agenda.

EHC 'Lausitzer Füchse' (Lusatian Foxes)

Playing ice hockey has a rich history in Lusatia. We support the club 'Lausitzer Füchse' (Lusatian Foxes) in Weißwasser and offer free tickets to social institutions. 

Relegationsspiel FC Energie Cottbus - Weiche Flensburg

FC 'Energie Cottbus'

It goes without saying that mates stand by their soccer club. As a sponsor of 'Energie Cottbus', we support above all young people's activities in particular and offer regularly free tickets to social institutions.

Diversity and tolerance

We are cooperation partner of the action concept "tolerant Brandenburg" and promote the association Cottbuser Aufbruch. Both are committed to tolerance and prevention of xenophobia.

Foundation Lausitzer Braunkohle

The foundation Lausitzer Braunkohle was established in 2004. The objective is to stimulate the social, economic and cultural environment of Lusatia.