Socially acceptable resettlement

Review and new beginning

Joint future – the Lusatian way

A thorough investigation is made during the planning and approval procedure whether resettling communities for opencast mine purposes is avoidable. If it does come to resettling, we pay great attention to social acceptability and an adequate participation of the resettlers in the Lusatian mining area. The aim is to have a joint resettlement to one site. Local and cultural identity should be preserved, to increase the likelihood of regaining the new sense of home.

Besides material compensation our action plan involves a differentiated planning of the new location, the settlement of businesses and the continuation of clubs or associations. Also potential future opportunities for the concerned communities are taken into careful consideration.

Past resettlements

Between 1993 and 2006 several villages and communities with a total of about 1,350 inhabitants had to be resettled from around the opencast mines Welzow-Süd, Jänschwalde and Nochten. Since 2008 parts of the Trebendorf and Schleife municipalities with 270 inhabitants have been resettled for Nochten opencast mine's approved mining field 1.

Planned resettlement

Currently a decision is being weighed up in the mining district on the extensions of the opencast mines Welzow-Süd, Nochten and Jänschwalde. On 5 March 2014 the Saxon State Ministry of Interior issued a permission of the decreed Lignite plan of the Nochten opencast mine's extension, the so-called mining field 2. This is a prerequisite for the state land use planning assessment. A total of 1,700 inhabitants of the parts of the municipalities Schleife south of the railway line, Mulkwitz and Rohne (Schleife Municipality) as well as Mühlrose and Klein-Trebendorf (Trebendorf Municipality) would be affected by the resettlement.

The Brandenburg State government adopted the Lignite Plan for the extension of Welzow-Süd spatial part II on 2 June 2014. Here it will be necessary to resettle around 800 inhabitants of the residential area 5 and the Liesker Weg of the town Welzow, the village Prochim of the Welzow municipality, and Lindenfeld in the municipality Neu-Seeland.

The lignite plan procedure is underway for the mining field north of Jänschwalde opencast mine. If the opencast mine activity is realized as planned then the villages Kerkwitz, Atterwasch und Grabko with about 900 inhabitants will be affected by a resettlement.