News 2016-10-11

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Dr. Wolfgang Rolland, Head of Communications, on the new website

After over 10 years the Swedish energy group Vattenfall and the Lusatian lignite have parted ways. With the period ending 30 September 2016, the four Lusatian lignite opencast mines and the power plants in Jänschwalde, Schwarze Pumpe, Boxberg as well as Unit R of Lippendorf power plant near Leipzig, now belong to the Czech energy group EPH and the investment group PPF. 

LEAG will combine the Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG of mining and lignite refining with the plants of the Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG, in a single brand. From now on you will be kept informed on any news on Our business rooted in the region and the cross- regional use of lignite both play a role and will be addressed equally and have a their fair share of information. 

With launching our new website, we are on the way establishing an extensive information and knowledge platform.

This website will be expanded over the coming months. Data and facts, background information and context surrounding the energy and lignite sector will be added: starting with the opencast mines and power plant operations, to subjects dealing with the environment, nature and climate as well as the much-debated role of lignite in the German 'Energiewende'. The LEAG platform’s content will be comprehensive and easy to understand. You can choose according to our own interests.

It is only early days of LEAG but it has the advantage of 150 year of mining history and tradition behind it. A wealth of informative publications and films on the Lusatian lignite were created over the Vattenfall period and are also included. They can be found on the respective topic pages using the tab 'Business field' or organized under the category 'News' in the download section. We will keep you updated on the latest news via Twitter under @LEAG_de.

We invite you to join us on our new path and follow the activities on LEAG.