LEAG energy cubes

The virtual power plants of LEAG

Whether conventional producers, renewable energies, storage facilities or industrial and commercial enterprises, with the energy cubes we connect facilities of different sizes and functions to agile, virtual units.

A transformation of the energy system

More decentralized, more complex, more volatile - the energy system places high demands on current and future market participants: Secure supply, ensure grid stability, establish cost-effectiveness. The importance of cross-sectoral cooperation is growing. Producers and consumers from all sectors have an equal opportunity today to be part of innovative energy solutions that are in demand on the market.

LEAG's virtual power plants, the energy cubes, offer appealing access to the energy markets.

Overview of services

Direct marketing of renewable energy

  • uncomplicated setup of the remote-control system
  • proficient forecasting services
  • clear presentation of results
  • bearing the balancing energy risk
  • on request: exploiting additional market opportunities in the ancillary service market
  • on request: handling of communication and billing with the grid operator (feed-in management)

Integration and management of assets in LEAG's ancillary service pool

  • integration into the LEAG ancillary service pool
  • handling pre-qualifying process with the grid operator
  • maximising the marketable performance of stand-alone assets
  • backup-capacity via LEAG as prequalified full-range supplier for ancillary services
  • contact with the grid operator, including settlement and billing services
  • clear presentation of results
  • ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

Trading, monitoring and

  • connection and integration into the LEAG energy cubes
  • contact person available 24/7
  • access to different energy markets
  • revenue-optimised trading across different electricity products and time periods 
  • clear presentation of results
  • ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

Your data in safe hands

As an operator of critical infrastructures, we have secure access to trading centres, exchanges and the transmission system operator.

24/7 access to electricity and ancillary service markets

Optimising the marketable output

Customized solutions for all technical and administrative requirements

Virtual power plants

The basic principle of a virtual power plant is the systematic interaction of several individual assets on the market. By means of a common central control system, the use of the assets is planned and remotely controlled online – to the second, according to the demand and flexibly. As virtual power plant, they can take on additional tasks in the electricity or ancillary service markets that are not economically attractive or technically feasible for the individual asset due to the specific conditions.

LEAG energy cubes — central control system
Central control system

This is where all information comes together: Weather forecasts, market data and prices, information from the connected assets as well as consumption data and forecasts.

Control boxes

Via these interfaces the central control system receives the data of the plants and can remotely control them on the basis of individually created schedules.

Deployment planning

Based on the analysed data, the optimal deployment planning for power generation and balancing energy availability is created and adjusted if necessary.

LEAG energy cubes as building blocks for the future

From solutions for individuals to solutions for many – that is our vision. From flexible energy services for industrial and commercial customers (prosumer management) and the bundling of very small units to intelligent swarm power plants to the comprehensive networking of producers and consumers in smart city models – the future holds a wide range of possible applications for virtual power plants.

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